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About us

About Us


We are Fler, a fully dedicated Cannabis vaporizer brand. With the goal to provide people with a better and healthier lifestyle, we develop, manufacture and market Cannabis hardware, and are one of the leading brands in the industry. Based on our advanced R&D ability, strict product quality system as well as our powerful design team, Fler has now been devoted to providing innovative vaping device solutions to all related companies that are in need of this hardware to satisfy the huge industry demand globally. In the meanwhile, we are also planning to build a place that is safe, comfortable, and eco-friendly for all vape lovers.


Trustworthy Leadership

Our founder of Fler has been in the vaping and CBD field for more than 10 years, which has made him a professional and reliable expert in this industry.

Field of Product Usage

Our products & services are carefully catered for businesses of any scale within the legal vape, cannabis, and CBD industries.

Amazing Design and Function

With our professional in-house R&D and design team, our newly vaping device is very popular among vape lovers for its special outlook design as well as amazing functions.


With rich vaping sales and collaboration experience worldwide, applicable packaging and design services are also available to support our entire product catalog. Please contact us if you’re interested in a competitive, high-quality packaging design.

Local Sales Team

We have built a professional and responsible local sales team in the USA, they are willing to help you solve any related issues. Make sure that you have no more worry about purchasing our products.

Customer Success

Our customer team members support online and offline services, you can also contact us via email for more information in detail.


Our startup story began in 2014 in California, where the vape enthusiasts and entrepreneurs Grace & Christina founded Fler and made it one of the leading brands in the industry.


Fler continues to work ceaselessly to earn its position as the preeminent vaporizer company in the world while doing its part to usher in a new generation of vaping. Through the creation of more products and platforms that are as unique on the inside as they are on the outside, Fler is well on its way to changing the way the world vapes for good.

We are dedicated to making our clients develop and succeed by providing the most suitable products and solutions, such as exclusive vaporizer hardware and technology, compatible packaging solutions, and so on.