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Nowadays it’s all about being able to throw all the things you need in one hand and pocket. The FLER Diamond has no sense of existence in my hands and pockets. This is my favorite place for it.


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Michael kors

What sets my FLER Preheat apart from others is its minimalist design. An understated and discreet FLER is a Devil's Hole pup fish among guppies.


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Tim Johnson

I love the lightweight of my FLER Pod, so no matter at home or on the move, I can now relax and enjoy vaping worry-free even more than before.


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Mike Brown

From flower to concentrates of every variety, FLER XL has a device for all my vaporization needs. This cruises through dry herbs and wax with power and speed.


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Jack Davis


  • Aesthetically Superior
  • Engineered For All Cannabinoids
  • Lightweight and Durable
  • Easy Recharging
  • Ergonomic Mouthpiece

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Brand Story

We are FLER, a fully dedicated Cannabis vaporizer brand.

With the goal to provide people with a better and healthier lifestyle, we develop, manufacture and market Cannabis hardware, and are one of the leading brands in the industry.

Based on our advanced R&D ability, strict product quality system as well as our powerful design team, FLER has now been devoted to providing innovative vaping device solutions to all related companies that are in need of this hardware to satisfy the huge industry demand globally. In the meanwhile, we are also planning to build a place that is safe, comfortable, and eco-friendly for all vape lovers.

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